Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Opening Reception: Friday, July 2nd ...6:30-9pm

I spent most of the day—yesterday—transporting my pieces and installing the "Ripple~cause and effect" exhibition, which opens this Friday evening at The Art Center in Highland Park. The exhibition combines the work of Paula Kloczkowski Luberda, Yelena Klairmont and myself, to present a seamless presentation of the calm and chaos of nature. The work ranges from abstract to literal with both painting and sculpture. The Art Center is an amazing venue for this beautiful and thought provoking exhibition.

The Art Center in Highland Park is located at 1957 Sheridan Road. For additional information, contact The Art Center at 847.432.1888. I hope that you have an opportunity to experience this amazing collection of work.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Art Center - Highland Park, Illinois

Some twenty years ago—after I graduated from school—I was trying to find ways of feeding myself as well as feeding my soul. I was working as a print designer yet wanted to continue painting and teaching. I ended up working a number of part time teaching positions, including one for The Suburban Fine Art Center in Highland Park. Well, over the years, the Center constructed a new space a few block from the original space, and they shortened their name to "The Art Center".

Earlier this week, I took a drive up to Highland Park. I hadn't been there in years. I wanted to check out the new space, since I—along with Paula Kloczkowski Luberda and Yelena Klairmont—have landed a show in the center's amazing main gallery. The three person show is titled "Ripple – cause and effect". It's a powerfully inspirational exhibition of painting and sculpture, presenting imagery focused of the meditative surface patterns found within nature. The works of Yelena Klairmont, Paula Kloczkowski Luberda, and myself have been compiled to create this peacefully, compelling exhibition.

The oil paintings of Yelena Klairmont are the most literal of the group. Klairmont captures the result of a compromised pool of water—portraying the ripple effect as a beautiful thought-provoking moment in time.

Paula Kloczkowski Luberda creates powerful stoneware rock forms with intriguing surface features. The wonderfully glaze-washed forms are manipulated and organized to create intriguing compositions in space.

Influenced—for more then a decade—by the hundreds of the pre-historic stone circles throughout Great Britain, my work uses the surface patterns of the Megaliths to create meditative imagery on which to ponder.

“Ripple – cause and effect” will be presented at The Art Center of Highland Park from July 2 through the 23th. An Opening Reception will be held on July 2 beginning at 6:30pm. The Art Center in Highland Park is located at 1957 Sheridan Road. For additional information, contact The Art Center at: 847.432.1888 or check the web site at: