Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Cape

In the late eighties, I was working on a series of paintings that were truly abstract portraits. They were inspired by the people in my life at that time. I had just begun Graduate School and was sharing an off-campus apartment with an actor. I got to know many of the people working in the theater department and was invited to attend numerous events and performances. One of the performances was a show that included a spanish-influenced dance with a cape. It clearly made some sort of impression on me for the image ended up as a lithographic print as well as a canvas. The subject of the painting ended up with a very public career in the Chicago news media.

Additional work from this series—and more recent works—can be found at

Above: "The Cape", oil on canvas, 72 x 50", 1989

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  1. Very dynamic – lots of movement and a nice contrast with sharp/rounded. The composition is ideal too.